A new nest

Over the past week or so we've noticed increased activity in the hedge right by the patio doors. We've seen blackbirds going into the hedge and making the branches bounce around. Not wanting to disturb any possible nest we've not investigated too closely. After the failed song thrush nest earlier in spring, and the disappointment of seeing the cold eggs left in the nest, we kept away.

However, this evening the boss saw the male and female leave the hedge very close to the doors, and then noticed the nest. This evening there are three eggs, I'm not sure if more will be laid. Though most of the reference guides say the clutch can be between 3 and 5. As it's now mid to late June I assume this would be the last nest of the season, though blackbirds can have up to 4 broods a season. Perhaps the mild spring and great summer so far have made it possible.

The position of the nest is right at the edge of the hedge where is almost comes to rest against the wall. In fact so close to the patio doors it's almost as if it's been positioned here so that the birds can watch the World Cup on the TV through the glass.

When there is a chance I'll set up the camera trap to see if we can get some photos of the activities. But in the meantime we'll have the go out of the back door for a while to get to the garden.

There was a nest in this section of the hedge a few years ago, and there were at least three successful young who left the nest.